Prolyte Group

prolyte-group-logo-smallProlyte Group is  fabrikant van aluminium truss-, de spreiding en structurele oplossingen. Haar hoofdkantoor is in Leek en heeft voorts productievestigingen in het Britse Wakefield en de Roemeense plaats Slatina.


Prolyte Group
Industriepark 9,
9351 PA Leek
De heer Lambert Bouwmeester

Helping you build great things

As world leading manufacturer of hardware products and structural solutions for the entertainment industry Prolyte Group is passionate about offering the best solutions for its users and customers.

Making the basic building blocks of its industry performances, like trussing, staging and electrical hoists, Prolyte endeavours for product excellence and continuous product innovation.

By actively engaging in raising the level of knowledge and by providing solutions that work in daily practice, Prolyte looks to support the creativity of designers on the one hand and the safety of technicians on the other.

By committing to provide a high level of expertise and professionalism along with a friendly and uncomplicated approach Prolyte offers unrivalled products and services, which is why users and customers choose to work with Prolyte.

By prioritising mutual respect and trust, Prolyte creates long-term relations with both its users and customers. When this is all coming together Prolyte is your first step to start building great things.
Prolyte Group is headquartered in Leek, the Netherlands, where the complex process of design, engineering and sales come together.
Prolyte has a manufacturing base in Slatina, Romania and a strategically positioned warehouse in Emsdetten, Germany, to provide stock and logistic facilities in the heart of mainland Europe.

Completing the team effort is a network of distribution partners; Prolyte distributes products to over 50 geographical markets worldwide. It utilises its network of partners who not only supply but also endorse its products with impeccable customer service and outstanding technical support, enforcing Prolyte’s reputation as a market leader for quality, safety and customer satisfaction.
You can find Prolyte products in installations, events and productions all over the world. Find out more on